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Welcome to the Fanshawe Toronto@ILAC Admissions Application System

Personal Information

Please note name must be as it appears on your passport.

Emergency Contact Information

If there is an emergency while you are in Canada, who can we contact?.

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Please enter your present Canadian address in the next address section of the form.

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Program Information

Please select max. 2 programs you wish to apply to.

Education History (High School)

For EAP and Diploma programs, please provide (scanned copies) certified high school transcripts and graduation certificate in English as well as copies of the original documents. For Post-Grad programs, university transcripts will also be required.

Completion status *
Education History (University)
Completion status *
Language Proficiency

All applicants for whom English is not their first language must provide proof of English Language proficiency. Accepted assessments are listed HERE.


All documents must be in WORD, PDF, TIFF or JPEG format.


A $100 application deposit may be required to process your application. This fee is non-refundable.

Payment Options are Flywire (bank wire transfer) or Credit Card (VISA or MasterCard only). It takes approximately 10 days for the funds to arrive at Fanshawe College. We will begin processing your application once the funds have been received.

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